Need help with Stripe.js plugin

I’ve implemented a payment system on my Bubble using Stripe.js which works well for normal charge. (Great plugin btw)

I decided to go back and add subscription option as well, but this is where I get stuck.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 16.28.19

When doing a Retrieve customer I have no idea what to put in there to extract the valid ‘cus_’ number. I have tried using the same Customer ID from the Charge which is just the name on the Credit card, but that doesn’t work either.

From the Stripe API docs it says I need the ‘id’ object. I just need the magic incantation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can someone help me out?


Navigate to Stripe. You can find from the documentation where to find the id.

Id does not always relate to customer. Check your webhook logs when setting up the test environment.

Thanks mate. I got it figured out I think. At least I know how to extract the cus_ number for that particular customer.


It’s fairly simple if you keep an eye on the logs in your Stripe dashboard. You can see all the data in the event logs.

Don’t forget to add the customer id in your database. You will need it for your webhook configuration.

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