API call to Stripe customer id is empty

I make a call to Stripe checkout with the API connector, not the Stripe plugin. But the strange thing is that the customer ID remains empty, it remains empty. The customer ID is of course entered in Stripe, but it is not given to Bubble. See screenshot. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @samedgurses46 :wave:
If i understood properly,
Stripe customer ID is only available if you are using stripe plugin | if you are using it with API connector you need to create new field “Customer ID” on user (I guess).
It’s not enabled in privacy rules (You need to check Social Networks in “User” Privacy rule)

i already checked the social networks. What do you exactly mean by creating new field onder user? Because i already have a field called Stripe_customer_id

@samedgurses46 Current User Stripe customer ID is only available if you are using stripe plugin
Just uninstall the stripe plugin from plugins section then you won’t see it
Since you said,
you are not using stripe plugin then i guess it won’t have Current User Stripe customer ID

alright i understand you now. Do you know how we can retrieve the customer id with api connector?

I think this video covers connecting Stripe through API connector
This might helps :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, i already checked this video. This just shows how to retrieve all the customers. However what i want is: a customer subscribes to a plan. This customer has a customer id, how can i fill in that cusomter id field in Bubble? Because of the fact that i do not use the Stripe plugin i can not do this Current User Stripe customer ID, so there must be a other way to fill in that field but how

Well i am not sure how to do that (I never used API connector for stripe)
Maybe some other experts can help @mikeloc or @adamhholmes :slightly_smiling_face:

@samedgurses46 I found this playlist of bubble-stripe integration
Maybe this can help

do you think this might be possible with using backend workflow and webhooks?

Hi @samedgurses46
Maybe its possible using webhooks but I am not sure :confused:

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