Need Help with Stripe Marketplace Payment setup

Hi guys,

I have looked everywhere for someone who can help me implement skype payments but i cannot find any paid help. Please can someone help

Best Regards

Hi @deanplush

I assume from your title that the below is supposed to read implement Stripe payments

If it is supposed to read Stripe payments you may reach out to me via private message. Alternatively you may be interested in my course.

You could also look to youtube to find some free videos that do a basic intro.

Thanks for that link, but I’ve read too manu tutorials, and tried too many things. I just need paid help right now.

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@deanplush - you would be a in safe hands with sorting out Stripe issues with @boston85719 :slight_smile:

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Thank you @lindsay_knowcode.


Feel free to contact me via private message to discuss your needs if you are in need of paid help.


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How can i do private messaging here. ?

Second that @lindsay_knowcode ! @boston85719 is an awesome coach and dev! :smiley:

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Thanks, but i don’t have that button when i click on a user’s avatar. I guess it’s because i’m a new user. it surelay comes after one has earned a badge or something. luckily Matt has sent me a message. Thanks.

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