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How to Integrate Stripe Payments Course : Definitive Guide to Monetizing your Application via Stripe API

The Stripe Integration Course focuses on enabling Direct Charges using Standard Connect accounts using the Stripe API.

Who is this course for?

  1. Anybody looking for a “plug-n-play” method for integrating Stripe Connect Payments to their Bubble application to begin monetizing your platform through Subscriptions or Product Sales.

Having access to the Course Editor makes it super simple to copy and paste all necessary components to get up and running within a few hours or less.

  1. Somebody who is looking to learn and absorb as much as possible surrounding their Bubble application and wish to have a complete understanding of how their platforms Stripe Integration works from top to bottom.

There are over 10 Hours of Video, 485 Slides and access to the course editor providing everything you need to know about integrating to Stripe through Stripe Connect.

  1. All of those who want complete autonomy over their platform and do not wish to rely upon 3rd party unaffiliated developers for one of the most crucial features of their application. No need to use a plugin that doesn’t do everything you need for a successful integration with Stripe. Integrate directly with the Stripe API and Webhooks.

  2. Those whose learning preference is to listen. Over 10 hours of video.

  3. Those whose learning preference is reading. 485 Slides with Screen Shots

  4. Those who learn best by seeing a working example. Access the course editor for a behind the scenes view.

  5. Anybody in need of a method to allow users to checkout with a completely dynamic and unrestricted number of products or subscriptions. Note Stripe limits product count to 100 per single transactions and subscriptions to 20.

It may be safe to say the course is for anybody interested in implementing Direct Charges through Stripe Connect.

Why use Stripe Connect?

Using Stripe Connect reduces your applications exposure to potential issues surrounding sensitive financial data and regulatory compliance.

Visit For more details on Stripe Connect

What does the course cover?

A. Setting up Stripe Platform Account

B. Stripe API Calls
1. Products
2. Prices
3. Checkout Sessions
4. Customers
5. Charges
6. Payment Intents
7. Disputes
8. Refunds
9. Connected Accounts and OAuth
10. Login Links (Express Accounts)
11. Application Fee
12. Application Fee Refunds
13. Balances
14. Balance Transactions
15. Subscriptions
16. Subscription Items
17. Invoices

C. Initializing APIs

D. Database Structure

E. Privacy Rules

F. Option Sets

G. Webhooks

H. Backend Workflows

I. Reusable Elements and Pages

J. Shopping Cart - Complete feature detailing database structure, option sets, backend workflows, the reusable element and page workflows. This shopping cart allows users to select multiple items and adjust quantities for each item.

K. Subscriptions - Full overview of setting up subscriptions and allowing sellers to sell subscriptions through your platform. Automatic status tracking to have complete control over access to paid content and provide reminders to subscribers of past due payments. Upgrades/Downgrades and all other manners of modifying an existing subscription covered.

L. Delete Seller Account

M. Pagination and Filtering Stripe API Call Data

What should you be familiar with?

  1. Bubble Data Operators
  2. Bubble Visual, Container & Input Elements
  3. Dynamic Expressions in Bubble
  4. Backend Workflows - minimal experience required
  5. Custom States
  6. Option Sets

The reason to be familiar with these topics related to Bubble is because the course is not meant to be for a brand new Bubbler to learn how to use Bubble. The course is intended to provide easy to follow instructions on how to setup a number of feature sets integral to a successful and complete integration with Stripe. Because of this, the course is not a build along course.

The course is being offered exclusively on

Follow this link to access the course today.

If you are searching for how to setup Stripe Subscriptions this course will provide you all that you need to know to track your Stripe Subscription status as well as allow users to sell subscriptions via your platform.

If you are searching for how to setup Stripe Checkout Session with Multiple Line Items this course will teach you how to set up your Stripe API Calls to send a completely dynamic number of line items. The same method is applied to Subscriptions to allow users to subscribe to multiple subscriptions at the same time.

Enroll in the course and learn how to accept payments via Stripe and start to monetize your application using good practice approaches for strong data protection.

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@boston85719 This tutorial looks great!

My application plan is to charge the end users customer a small fee for a transaction the customer would need to make. Is this possible?

Yes, this is definitely possible. Without knowing too much more about the plan it sounds like your users will connect their Stripe account to your platform and become a ‘seller’.

These ‘sellers’ will then offer their customer an ability to transact and your ‘seller’ will capture a fee for that transaction.

When setting up the checkout session through the API call you can set the total charge to be applied. In that it can be a calculation and the calculation can include the transaction fee as a flat rate or a percentage of the total.

Whoa! Super quick response :+1:
I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this course!

I greatly appreciate you putting this together. Do you have more tutorials planned for the future?

No worries. I personally struggled a lot to get through the learning process of implementing and thought it would be a great resource for others who want to have complete control over their platforms payment system.

I currently have about 15 ‘short’ (5-15 minute) tutorials created that are not yet posted, plus a few other longer (20-60 minute) created but not posted. On my site there are a total of about 10 tutorials right now, but at the moment this is the only paid course available.

I plan to make a paid course for other integrations and will be posting those exclusively on my site. My plan is to put onto youtube the shorter tutorials and provide editor access to them through my site, so viewers can access the videos from either my site or youtube but editor access is only available on the site.

Short term goal is to launch the youtube live in the next week. Medium term goal is to get a couple more integration courses put together in the coming month.

Are there any tutorial or courses that you are interested in?

I you sent you a DM :grinning:

Will your course help me if I’m adding stipe checkout to a Webflow site, not a Bubble app?

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Hi @robb

Thanks for your interest in the course and reaching out for more information.

I am personally not familiar with Webflow so I am not sure how much the way Bubble works is similar to how Webflow works.

The course is focused on integration into a Bubble application, but does go into detail on how Stripe API works and webhooks are setup in Stripe.

Without being familiar with Webflow I would venture to guess the course would help you, although it won’t be as valuable a resource since you wouldn’t be able to copy and paste the Course Editor contents into your existing application to save tons of time on development on all the features.

What is it specifically you are interested in learning from the course as it might relate to Webflow and Stripe? Is it just how to make your way around the Stripe API generally?

Hi @boston85719

Does your course also cover anything related to additional payment methods? I’m looking to incorporate a payment method called iDeal on my app but i am having a hard time getting it to work.

iDeal/Bancontact and probably a few others are payment methods that require the user to authenticate a payment.

My idea is that a customer posts something that he wants to buy, someone else (merchant) offers to buy it and once agreed can directly give the customer a link to complete a payment using iDeal or Bancontact.


Are these supported payment methods by Stripe for your Country?

As far as I am aware, the ability to accept these payment methods is going to be based on the country that you are operating in, but also your setup inside of the Stripe Dashboard for selecting which you would accept.

The course does cover the Stripe Dashboard for various reasons, and one of them is a brief mention on configuring settings like this, however, it is not a focus of course.

From my experience, the content of the course would provide you with everything you need to know to setup a Stripe Integration, and you wouldn’t need to do anything different than what is in the course to enable a user to select these payment methods when they perform a checkout.

The course, as mentioned, doesn’t go into detail on how to enable these payment methods in the Stripe Dashboard, as it is pretty straight forward as it is essentially just checking a box next to the payment methods you want to accept.

In terms of allowing a merchant to create a payment link, this is explicitly covered in the course. In fact, the course covers the method of creating a checkout session using backend workflows, after which, the URL to send the user is passed into the database for use in other workflows to navigate the user to the page to make payment.

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 1.33.25 AM

In the screen shot above the checkout session is created via the API call in Step 1 and then the payment URL is passed onto the ‘Order’ Datatype…in your use case you would then setup the workflows necessary to give the customer that link in the way that it satisfies your envisioned UX for your app…

so, if you want to send an email with it you can, if you want to setup an in app notification you can, or if you want to do as the course editor does, is navigate the user their directly after they make the decision you could.


Yes, both are supported by my country. I live in Germany myself but my platform is aimed towards the Dutch market.

The thing is, is that I have enabled it in my Connect Dashboard but I can’t really get it to work within my app.

Maybe I have just selected the wrong Charge Type in my Dashboard (direct charges), not sure.

I’ll think about your course and perhaps buy it!


Might be because in your app you are in a testing environment or perhaps the Stripe Account has not be authorized yet.

Reach out to Stripe Support…they are usually quite helpful.

Thanks, will do!

Boston, your course covers sellers creating their own subscriptions plans to offer it to their clients on my app?

Yes it does. It also covers subscribers ability to subscribe to multiple subscriptions from a provider at the same time. Up to max limit set by Stripe of 20 subscription items.

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@boston85719 your course is a life saver. finally figured out how to properly format my api call. next question, where in the app exactly would I see how to convert the repeating group of products to the



I can think of various ways to accomplish this task but thought your app demo may already have the magic sauce :slight_smile:

found it! -16:48 of the Checkout Sessions API video

thanks again @boston85719 for a much needed tutorial on stripe :+1:

Thank you. I am glad it has been helpful for you.


Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Just saw this thread :heart_eyes:
One question. Is it possible to let user cancel a subscription in the future set date? Not the free trial out. Thanks.

Yes it is possible to let a user cancel a subscription at a future date. You would need to set your app up to allow for the user to do that. The course does not cover this particular use case, but after following the course you should be capable of implementing this feature.

You can also create subscription schedules, but the course does not cover subscription schedules.

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