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Need help with stripe webhook issue "invalid url"

Looks like your missing the path name after wf. It’ll be the exact name of your back end workflow name.

For initialization, you’ll need to send the /initialize then remove after first successful test.

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No, it is there you just can’t see it the whole thing in that input field in the image

You on a paid plan?

yes i am

do you have a domain connected?

yes, that is not the issue. I might have wrong workflow actions or something, i was following this guide:

If you’re connected to a domain and on a paid app, the url you specified in your initial screen shot won’t work unless it’s just the initialization.

why is that?

cuz when you’re actually running the app connected to the domain it would like like this

Can you give me a shot of the whole URL you’re trying?

I think i had a space in the name of the backend workflow, so i thin kit will work now

I still have an issue at the moment regarding stripe setup you might be able to help with:

How do i get a user to the stripe portal, as you can see, this blog article guide doesn’t seem to match up with current stripe actions on bubble. Where is the action to input a url to the portal? (see images below

Where is this “portal url” option the blog article shows?

Hey @jessefarquhar48, plug-in author here. Use the ‘open external website’ and use ‘result of step 1‘s url’.

The ‘open portal in new tab’ action has been deprecated as it’s not best practice according to Stripe.


Thanks, that solves that one.

But I have this issue with webhook:

Youtube video:


Here are some more screenshots to help.
I suspect the initialise didn’t work maybe because i never saw this list of request data on my bubble app.

I just still see this:

Yet on stripe it looks like it’s ready to go:

Is stripe CLI a thing i need to do?

It’s a really good tool. Do you know how to use it?

No, do i need to use it to get the webhook to work?

Anyone want to have a google chat/meet with me for $50 to help me get this whole stripe thing finished?

You’ll need it to send test data to initialize it, yes.