Stripe-backend workflow

Hi All,
Stripe has temporarily removed Dashboard test webhook feature

I have been trying to setup a Bubble-Stripe webhook.
After setting up the webhook in Stripe, I needed to “Test” the initialization, but could not find the TEST button on the Stripe Screen.:worried:
After several hours of trying to understand what is wrong, I gave up and contacted the Stripe support team and sent them a screenshot.

The Support person’s response below:
I can see that you’re unable to to see the “Send Test Event” button on the Dashboard’s webhook endpoint detail page:

This is expected behavior as we have temporarily removed our Dashboard test webhook feature. We’re experiencing some technical issues with that feature and we’ve had to disable it. We are working on getting this feature back online in the Dashboard but don’t have an ETA yet. In the meantime, we recommend using the Stripe CLI to trigger events (Trigger Stripe events to test a webhooks integration | Stripe Documentation) as it supports many of the same event types, or mocking the API instead.

@emmanuel My primary reason for choosing bubble is No Code. Is there any other way of getting the backend workflow integration(initialize) done without CLI?


I’m having the same issue

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I am also wondering the same information. @lindsay_knowcode can you assist with this?

@srad17 @josh16 @RamS this is not a Bubble issue. There are plenty of API providers who do not provide a send test webhook event. Stripe was one of the few that did.

What you need to do, is get the backend workflow ready for initialization and then perform an action with Stripe that will trigger the webhook. There are plenty of webhooks that this can be done for, but some you can not, which is a Stripe issue.

Please all, contact Stripe and report the issue as the more people they hear from about it, the likelier it will be they will do something about it…it has been over a month since I first contacted them.

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As @boston85719 says, there is nothing we or Bubble can do to force Stripe to re-instate a product feature :frowning: other than kick up a stink with Stripe.

It seems a bit daft that you have to use Stripe’s CLI (command line interface) to do what used to be a button on the dashboard. :man_shrugging:

I think all Bubble actually needs to initialise the Webhook is to receive a POST request (nothing special about this, just a web request that looks exactly like what Stripe will send) so that Bubble can infer all the parameters sent by Stripe so Bubble can construct the Webhook. Whether you do this via Stripe’s CLI or figuring out what the request looks like and making it yourself - just whatever is easiest.

I guess we are stuck in the world :upside_down_face: where Stripe are saying “just use the CLI” and Bubble saying “Initiate the webhook however you want”.

So, are we basically saying here that we can NOT use a Stripe webhook in Bubble right now, period?

If there is a workaround for Bubble/Stripe webhooks, can someone please post a quick tutorial?