Need Plugin for photo carrousel + hiding information

Hello there everyone,

I am writing here in hopes of finding a solution for the application I am working on in the form of a plugin, we have a page that includes a list of properties as you can see.

The issue that we are facing is that for every property image shown here, we would like to have the user to be able to view more photos by having arrows placed on each property (as each property can contain more than one image), it is basically a photo carrousel but one where we have the ability to adjust the arrows to fit the property image accordingly and customize it if possible.

An example would be the website Compass

As you can see, they have a photo carrousel that is very user-friendly and functions well, it is also fitted accordingly to the property image size that they have specified.

Compass%20copy Compass2 Compass1

Furthermore, when you click on the arrow to view more images (as shown above) for a second, the details about the property vanishes as the new image comes in, the details then come back a second later. Also, to replace the presence of the details that faded in that short amount of time, there is text that details what image number you are currently viewing and out of how many there are in total for that property.

We would like these features combined into one plugin, payment is no issue as these features are completely useful to us. Please contact me at if you are interested.

there are a few plugs which might suit your needs… The one i use for simialr to your objectives is

Yes we currently using this plugin actually! but we are not using it for the property list page because when we tried to implement it from before, we could not adjust the arrows to our liking (They were too big and were not aligning well with our images’ specified size) and changing our property images’ size to align accordingly with the arrow was quite troublesome to say the least as we have decided on a set image size and we would not like to change it. so that’s about it really.

then check with the dev as they’ve add a “goto” action so you can add your on designed puttons etc

Hello @ghada

I will be happy to take a look through the app and find you a quick solution if possible. I have done a couple of these and if the database is setup right it can be easy to put together. Direct message me if your interested :blush:

Hello @AliFarahat,

Please email me at where we can discuss this further.