[New Plugin] Infinite Carousel - Image Loop ( scroll images in a row automatically and seamlessly )

The Infinite Carousel is a versatile and user-friendly plugin designed to create a visually appealing image loop that seamlessly scrolls in a row automatically. It’s perfect for showcasing a collection of images with a smooth and continuous scroll, enhancing the visual experience of your application.


-Loop Direction (left-right or right-left)
-Adjustable Speed
-Set Image Margin and Border Radius
-Pause On Hover (Optional)
-Maintained Image Aspect Ratio
-Resizable (adjustable width and height)

Plugin Link!

Screenshot Demo

This is just a demo gif, images scroll infinitely in the plugin

Demo gif

The animation pauses when the image is hovered and resumed after cursor is moved away from the image
Pause on Hover (Optional)


Infinite Scrolling: Enjoy an infinite loop of images, creating a captivating visual display that effortlessly scrolls without interruption.

Aspect Ratio Maintenance: The plugin automatically maintains the aspect ratio of your images, irrespective of the width and height of the element.

Responsive and Resizable: The carousel adapts to different screen sizes and is easily resizable, accommodating both large and small images to fit the desired layout.

Dynamic Image Addition: Dynamically add images from the database or list of image urls, separated by commas.

Direction Control: Choose the scroll direction that best fits your design – from right to left or left to right – offering a tailored user experience.

Adjustable Loop Speed: Fine-tune the speed of the image loop to match the desired pace, allowing you to control the tempo of the carousel animation.

Customizable Gap Between Images: Define the spacing between images to achieve the perfect visual balance and aesthetic appeal.

Image Border Radius: Add a stylish touch by applying rounded corners to your images, giving your carousel a modern and polished look.

Pause on Hover: Choose whether to pause the animation when the cursor hovers over an image. Resumes seamlessly when the cursor moves away.

Check Out Plugin Here

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This looks great! Almost exactly what we’re looking for. The only thing we’d love to see would be the ability to click on an image and have it go to a link. Any chance that’s on the roadmap for the near future?

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@aaroncohn Certainly, you’re referring to the functionality where clicking on any image directs to a common link or each individual image should have its own destination link?

was thinking where each individual image should have it’s own destination link

@aaroncohn Sure, will definitely consider this in the next update.