Need some help with Stripe

Hello, community! So, I use the event “Charge the current user” with Stripe in the workflow. My question is how do I verify in the same workflow that the customer has actually paid and for ex. hasn’t simply closed the pop-out window with card details to enter… Appreciate your answers.

Take Salar’s course (cobubble) on payment integrations. Short answer, you use the plug-in for stripe and set a workflow based on the successful creation of a stripe token.

Take the course though, too much to explain in the forum.

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If you are using the Stripe Plugin of bubble the next workflows stops if the payment is not done, so the rest of the actions will not run. Also after the action of charging the user, you can retrieve a boolean of the payment in the next action in the workflow to see if it was indeed captured or not.


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straight to the point! :wink: