Stripe payment sometimes doesn't trigger the rest of workflow

Using Bubble’s Stripe plugin.

Sometimes (maybe 1 in 50 cases) the customer’s payment is successful, but the rest of the workflow doesn’t get executed. Any idea how to make it more robust?

My workflow is as follows:

  1. Charge the current user $X
  2. Create a new Transaction thing - Only when result of Step 1’s Captured is “yes”

In these rare cases, Step 2 doesn’t get executed even though the transaction was successful.

@jayy any luck here? I’m getting a similar issue.

Nope :frowning:

Somehow it wasn’t as big an issue before, but has been happening quite often lately (about 1 in 20 transactions).

Apparently, a more robust way to do this is via web hooks. I’ve yet to get down to figuring it out yet…

Anyone has a quick fix for this?

I’d use a webhook. The pain part is just learning how that all works. But I promise once you figure it out, you’ll always fall back to it. I haven’t used Stripes Webhooks yet, but I have changed to webhooks on another API I use and life is really good. And the best part is I can always “poll” the API just to do a double check.

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yes use webhooks (search youtube for tutorials)
i think it is due to the new stripe sca compliance so last step must be “charge user”

if webhook is executed then create new thing.

to then trigger change in frontend you can e.g. use
“do every 1 seconds” if user was set to paid = yes (In webhook) then go to page X

1 Like @TipLister thank you for the replies and encouragement - i’ll give it another shot tomorrow!