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Need suggestions on encryting data and storing it away from bubble

Can anyone suggest a workflow to get input, encrypt it and store it away from bubble? I’m trying to get a social security number, encrypt and store it with an api into another service (don’t have one yet, please suggest one). I’ve looked around, but it seems they are all enterprise level pricing.

I don’t think you’re going to find an inexpensive option for storing this type of PII data. There’s a load of risk in handling data like this, so most providers charge quite a bit.

For sensitive PII, like SSN, I would look into using something like True Vault.

I see. Truevault is quite expensive for me at the moment. How could I encrypt it and then store it temporarily in bubble. I’m thinking I can encrypt it, store it temporarily and then save it offline, because I actually don’t need the information to be stored in an online database or online. I was considering of storing it in AWS separately (not bubble’s) if I keep it online.

You can build another Bubble app, with no access online :slight_smile:. Then you copy all the info you want in full privacy (cost nothing too).

So no users on a storage app and use API connector to connect with apps? Does it make a difference from security point of view?

I’m going to try the one of following workflows.

  1. On click of a button, the inputted value will be added to a row through a g-suite sheets api. I don’t need to retrieve the information but once a month, and it also doesn’t have to be retrieved in bubble.
  2. On click of a button, the inputted value will be encrypted then added to a row through the g-suite sheets api. I would prefer this workflow (so as not to store the info in raw form), but I’m not sure how the encryption workflow would work(To limit security risks) and the decryption workflow when I need the information once a month.

Hi Tona - are you still looking for a solution? Please let us know as we have built a secure solution to handle sensitive PII data.