[HIRING] Bubble Security/Privacy Expert

I’m building an app for a client.

The app allows his clients to manage their accounts and update information.

Information is updated in his clients’ dashboards on Bubble, and sent to a Google sheet via Zapier.

Most of the updates aren’t sensitive data, but one of the data points his clients will update is sensitive.

We’re looking to hire a Bubble expert to look over and make sure that the set up I’ve built for sending this info to the Google sheet is encrypted correctly. And if it’s not, help edit it so that it is.

Please send me a private message for more details or with a rough quote on the job.


Why you are using Zapier service if you can connect direct with Google Sheets Api using Oauth 2.0 authentication? If you have sensitive data, better avoid third party integration.

Same reason we built the app on Bubble.