Need to catch up

i joined bubble in 2014 and then left after coming back i started regretting because of wonderful progress
please tell me how i can catch up with people just seeing people making plugins, i bought udemey course for 19 dollars just to boost my knowledge any more ideas please
plz dont ignore need help. i really regret leaving bubble for all this time

Responsive is a very useful upgrade that you will likely want to learn about
You can find a quick video tutorial here…

The API connector is also a great feature you may want to check out

Also check out some of these resources the Bubble community has put together:

Free features made on Bubble:
More free templates for Bubble:

Also sign up for @romanmg’s great free newsletter. Give examples and tips on how to use some features, not sure if she archives old ones for you to see?


Thanks for the shout out, @gf_wolfer! Yes, newsletter subscribers get a welcome email with a link to the archives. This link is also at the end of all newsletters.

Welcome back, @muhammaddekow! All of the resources mentioned are excellent places to start for re-familiarizing yourself.

Many thanks to all of you