Need to delete x things from the database every night

So guys

I ve built a survey that people (not logged in) can fill. Each fill is creating things in the db.

If the user will register then the things will be assigned to the user.
If the user doesn’t complete the registration then I ll have a problem → rows that will have No Creator and so I want to cancel them every night or couple night

I ve tried this Recurring even but I m not sure how to use it - if that is the best way, could you please explain me how to use this workflow? Not sure it can help

You can schedule recursive backend WF to clean-up your DB.

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Hi @gianlucabiancardi96, how are you mate?

You would want to set up a recursive triggered workflow to run every 24 hours. And depending on how big the list is, you might want to have a recursive workflow in that as well.

If you need some help with this I would be more than happy to jump in a call with you :slight_smile:

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