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Need to make a Dynamic Time/Date Picker

@jarrad would you kindly help me to set a group to show date and slot picker which has to be dynamic

the requirement is as follows:

  1. Date - USER get’s to pick the day (Today/Tomorrow or Select a Date)

  2. Time - Condition 1 : Between a time range (Opening/Closing)
    Condition 2 : Empty Slot’s only need to be valid.
    Condition 3 : For Current day + 2 hours & empty Slot need to valid.

Please help


Hi, doing an example now. What is the open/close time? And I’m assuming that all time between open and close are valid?. Excluding or including weekends?

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Thanx for the response. Kudos

Its an hour slot like 5 to 6 pm … etc. each slot can have different break-up

eg 5 to 6 there are 4 time off… if ll the time off gets reserved the slot is invalid

Ok so 2hrs after now for 1 hour slots. What is the open/close time,days

Sorry there was a black out … India is worst even in the Capital city

the app would be having various vendors … and everyone have there start/end time, so according the … the slots and intervals may vary…

the database would be having vendor-wise start/end time with the working days…

i wanted to filter the vendor - working day - time slot (valid) which are valid

i have been going after many days but i just can’t figure it out.

Yes… 2 hour gap to manage the protocol

Thank you again for your time.

@jarrad Hello…

Any news for me… if you have time.

I have started building something that will have a lot more examples too. This should be enough to show you how it works. Just repeat the method for everything else you add into it.

Live here:

Editor here:

Let me know if that’s what your after.

Well thank you very much… @jarrad you an asset for the bubbler.

Hmmm looks amazing… I will try to understand the conditions and workflow.

Well please see the link below to understand what I exactly want to build … creating the slide show also has been a hassle for me right now… please help me to correct myself

i had to face many difficulties …

i have put in all the details what went wrong…

The tab element does not show up in the pop-up…

next all the buttons get hidden…

i could not even complete the slide show… bubble busted me…

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