Need to Scrape website from URL for Images

Hey! I need to scrape a URL to pull the dynamic image URLs into my database. Precisely, I need to build the following:

I would like to prompt users to insert their URL (example:

Once the user has entered their URL, I want to add a new entry to my database and scrape the image URLs from the link.

Next, I would like to display the scraped images so the user can select their product images. Or the product images are already prioritized, and the user can confirm they are correct.

Ultimately the goal is to gather a users Product images from their URL, then displays them neatly on the same or next page.

Is this somehow possible?

Thanks for your help!

You have 2 options:

  1. Build your own scrapper on Python ( Has ready to go libraries (beautifulsoup), templates )
  2. API Services
    Res: ScraperAPI - The Proxy API For Web Scraping

In my current project, we have a guy who uses Python script and sends results to my endpoints.