Tutorial on a repeat data scrape and connect scraper to bubble database

Does anyone know of a good tutorial of a repeat scrape and connecting this to bubble database?

I’d like to scrape some data from a site (public information) but this data changes so will need to be repeatedly scraped. I’d like for the changes to come through to bubble automatically and update the bubble database.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial that explains the fundamentals of this task?

You’ll need a script to run (ex. a python script) sending the data to Bubble’s api endpoint at set intervals. i.e. every 5 minutes check for new information and extract it + send it.

Hi Justin,

Would you be interested in screen recording a tutorial for a consulting fee?

It’s not as easy unfortunately.

You’ll need a script written and tested for your use case.

Then you’ll need to setup your api endpoint to receive the extracted data.

There’s nothing i can share as its fully custom to your needs.

Did you ever figure this out??