Nested data types?


I am trying to nest data into a type/subtype situation where the subtype is part of a quick view dashbaord (example, “latest notes”), however, I also need the notes to be available for other users (like part of a CRM contact where other users can also see the notes)

My question is mainly on how do I create the nested data (or data subtype) so that I can have this information as both part of the “user’s” summary, as well as connected to the contact in the CRM.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you please be more clear about nested data?


Yes, the database only allows you to create “data type” (main) and under that you can only create one “data type name”. I need to create a third level, where its nested as a s subcategory of the category (example: data type, electronics > TVs > tv accessories. Where TV accessories is a subcategory of TVs, hence “nested” since it belongs to the TVs “data type” but its also its own independent category)

hope that clears it up

You will need to create database for each category and create relationship among them.

Any more details on how to do this?

Please check this. Hope it helps. Creating a Data Structure - Bubble Docs