Nested repeating group loading

Hey Bubblers

I’m just wondering about nested repeating group load speeds.
If I have a nested repeating group first one shows up no matter what second one is hidden on load and only appears if someone clicks a button in the first one.

While the page is loading does this load all the data for the second repeating group or does that only get loaded once someone clicks the button to make it visible?

Also would this be faster if it was a repeating group in a reusable element, instead of nest repeating group?


Only gets loaded into the RG when it is made visible. If you test theories you can see the results. In this case there will be a slight lag from when it is made visible to when the data will be visible.


I use listshifter plugin to hold my lists. They are loaded on page loaded and readily available. I use the list shifter as the datasource on the RG. This works well.