Loading 2 repeating groups is fast then loading 1?

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Hey guys, really wierd situation here, when I load two repeating groups it’s much faster then loading just the inner repeating groups, how is this possible?

How is this possible, loading more data at one time makes it faster?

Trying to figure out, because ideally I just want to be able to hide/show/load the 1 inner group but that is so slow…

Here’s a video showing difference in loading times:

Any help is appreciated thank you!

Just a thought: in the faster scenario, even if the nested repeating group is not visible, maybe the Bubble engine loads the data in background during page load since the option "This element is visible on page load ", thus making the content appearing faster?

I can think of 2 solutions that might fix the issue:

  1. Reverse the visibility condition (on the slower scenario): instead of unchecking "visible on load " and displaying when checkbox is checked, try making the RG visible on load, but with a condition that hides it when the checkbox is uncheck; This will make Bubble to load the RG and then hide it.

  2. If #1 doesn’t help: create a RG that is 1x1 and positioned at x:0, y:-1 (to make it basically invisible) and make it load the data you’d like to display in the nested RG. Then, set the source of your nested RG as the hidden RG’s list.

Let me know if solution #1 works; I’m curious! :slightly_smiling_face:

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