Nested repeating group search

Hi there. I have a question regarding structuring a repeating group layout.

I have a product database that has sub-categories (assigned from an option set). My main repeating group lists these products. What I would like is to group these results by sub-category. To solve this I have wrapped the product repeating group in another product repeating group showing only the sub-category names & a count.


Is this an efficient way of achieving my goal and does this count as 2 searches in terms of WU usage, or is there a better way?


Have you considered using the grouped by function? That could be a bit more economical?

I think it really depends on your end state, like how many products are you expecting to have, what you want the UI to look like etc.

You could have an RG which has an option set of sub categories, inside each cell you could then have a RG with a product search filtering by that cells subcategory.

Here is a preview of the frontend with sample data. Users could potentially create quite large lists of items >1000 eventually, so I am quite concerned about WU impact through bad design.

And here is my current editor structure. I have 1 RG with the sub-categories

and the list RG with the grouped products (this item layout is a reusable element).

To speed up loading I am limiting results to 20, with pagination

I did try the group by: function now, but I am a little confused and n to too sure of the correct process

The other issue now is that this “solution” breaks my fuzzy search input results.

If potentially 1k plus items, I would ask if you feel that grouping them in this way is essential, rather than just displaying the product type tag on the product and allowing them to filter / sort by product type?

Having a single list search function with good filters on it would probably be the most scalable pathway.

But if breaking them up by category is part of your USP / important to your concept then all good :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, had the same thought. I may just give the user ways to filter categories.

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Yeah I think that will be the way to go for scaling etc, pagination is definitely a good call too

Try using daisy chain for filtering. It speeds up loading times. Just be sure to reset the group on page load

i also thought i would suggest daisy chain, but his issue is not filtering data his issue is, when user click on sort by name the data in RG should sorted by Alphabetically.

I guess then setup a sorted by name for both when user selects sort by name. I know it workes on the main RG.
For the second one you’ll have to display data in the group through a workflow.

I do have a workflow currently on the list. When I click the icon it sets an option state, then the conditional changes the data source.

@jahanzeb.khn07 I am not too sure what you mean by “daisy chain” could you give me an example? I am going to abandon the group by function as it adds unnecessary complexity.

@white-eye daisy chain method is for filtering/sorting repeating groups when you have a lot of options that can change the data source.

Basically if you want to filter by name, location, creation date, status etc. you setup a workflow on the filter selected. that changes the data source of the repeating group.

You can look into it here Andrew Vernon explains it way better:

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