Nested Repeating Groups Height Behavior

Guys, i need some help with Nested Repeating Groups. I Triyed everything, but couldn’t find an answer and i don’t know if this is possible on bubble.

The thing is, i have nested repeating groups for my application.

Let’s call them RG A, RG B and RG C. C is inside B that’s inside A.

I want B to be hidden until A starts a workflow (clicks a button on A and then, toggle visibility of B).

The problem is: When i toggle visibility of second item of A, it automatically expands the height of every A item, even if not showing the B elements inside A of the other A items.

The print screen below and the video will give you an idea. Is there any way to achieve toggle visibility AND do not expand the height of the items that are not visible?

OBS: the collapse when hidden option is already checked.

Hi @ricardo7
Firstly, I recommend using custom states for the task of toggling the menus if you’re not already using them.
To fix the issue of big empty space, I’d recommend placing B,C, D,… submenus inside another group and make it collapse when it is hidden.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 16.03.09

Hi @Mahyartech, thanks for the quick response!

Well i’m already using custom states and the collapse height when hidden. Unfortunatelly, it didn’t work.

Oh, I see,
When you inspect the submenu group(0:17) in the debugger, what green conditions and red conditions do you see?

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