Nested RGs to Display Complext Records

Hi everyone! New to Bubble, I’ve tried to search for something related but couldn’t find, so apologies if this is a duplicate.

I’m trying to create nested RGs to display a table like the following:

I can create part of the table, but the tricky part is the middle section, couldn’t figure out to keep the supplier column intact for each Product (as it brings the first value per item regardless the supplier).

I wish also would like to have a Total Sum per column, but still struggling to build this nested RG in a way that only display the price considering the respective Row (Product) and Column (Supplier).

Thanks a lot in advance.




Amount (number)
Supplier (Supplier)
Product (Product)

Repeating group #1 searches for Products

The middle section is Repeating group #2 inside #1, searching for Prices with the constraint Product = Current cell's Product

Inside #2 is text displaying Current cell's Price's Supplier's Name and another text element for Current cell's Price's Amount

The right side would be a Group with the type Price, searching for the same thing as the middle section but sorting by Amount, descending no then after the search do :first item then inside the group text showing the Supplier name and price again (it’s showing the Price with the lowest amount)

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