Neuralhub - add machine learning functionality to your bubble app

Hi, bubblers!

We are building a product that allows you to add machine learning functionality to your app through API without writing a line of code or a need to be a Data Engineer (

You can simply select a use-case, train it with a sample data set and connect it to your app through a simple API.

Because one of the founders is a life-long bubbler we are building all front-end of the application on Bubble and we plan to make it very easy to use Neuralhub with your bubble app as well.

Posting here to test if there is an interest among the community. If you are currently building or planning to build an app with machine learning functionality - write to us and for a limited time get a free consultation from our co-founder (Data Engineer with 7+ YOE) on use of ML in your application. We also might build a custom model just for you for free if we see a broader use for it.

We are currently in the pre-launch phase and plan to ship our MVP with few models already in late February.

Any feedback or questions are highly appreciated!


Whoa, this is really cool. I don’t know that I have any use cases for it, but maybe now that it’s a possibility I’ll think of some!

Thanks this looks impressive.

Has the app been built on only Bubble or Bubble + other tools?

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Thank you :pray:

We are so hyped to release it asap and see what people would be able to build with it - this is the most exciting part!

If you have any questions feel free to DM me any time, also, do sign-up on the website to hear from us when we are live :grinning:

I´ve just signed-up.

Looks awesome!

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Thank you for such nice feedback :pray:

We use several tools to build it:

Tilda for our landing page.

Bubble for all front-end inside the app/handling user accounts.

All models/back-end are hosted on AWS and bubble frontend communicates with it through API when you set-up your model. After you finished the set-up you get API credentials to connect directly to the model from your app using bubble build-in API connector.

If there would be enough demand from the bubble community we are thinking to build a bubble plugin that lets you skip the API connector part and integrate it directly to your workflows.

Thank you! Will get in touch soon!

Don’t have an immediate need, but this is a great idea! :+1:

I’d definitely be interested in this for use in a product that enables purchasing managers to better handle repeat material purchases for manufacturers.

Thank you, Shot! Let’s stay in touch, we plan to share apps build with Neuralhub on our twitter, so be sure to subscribe for inspiration)

Sounds interesting! Please, sign-up on the website here - and let’s talk. We are currently collecting use-cases for our MVP launch in Feb. Might be one of them!

I want create recommendation system based on emotional recognition. I have idea for app, right now i learn Bubble, and find service for add machine learning.
P.s. sorry for my English it’s not my first language.

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Thanks for sign-up, Kirill! We will get back to you soon!

Very cool idea. I just signed up.

Awesome, I have application need

Definitely cool, I’ll sign up.

Great i will sign up as well

Thank you! Already got back to you, talk soon!

Thank you, Eric! Please, sign-up through our website and we will be in touch soon!

Thank you Linh, we will get back to you soon!