🔒 [New 2023 - FREE] The Ultimate Bubble Security Cheat-Sheet - How to Build Secure Bubble Apps - 70+ Pages of Concrete Examples

Hey Bubblers!

Who of you have never struggled with defining privacy rules or setting up proper page redirects?
More than this, free content about Bubble Security isn’t available out there.
:point_right: That’s why we wrote the Bubble Security Cheat-Sheet: finally a complete, free documentation on how to secure your Bubble app.

Who are we?

With @vnihoul77 at Flusk, we’re working on Bubble Security since more than a year now. We’ve done 30+ in-depth security audits for SMBs & large companies using Bubble as internal or external solutions.

:lock: We just released Flusk Vault, a tool to automatically detect data leaks & security flaws in your Bubble applications.
:link: Here’s a link, if you want to check it out.

The Bubble Security Cheat-Sheet

We’ve spent more than 1000+ hours understanding how Bubble works and how security is handled.
And our conclusion is the following:
Bubble can be really safe if you know what to do and how to secure it.

:arrow_forward: That’s why with our tons of experience we decided to write a free, complete 70+ pages book to summarize everything that you should need to make your Bubble app a fortified castle that no-one can enter.
:white_check_mark: It has been reviewed by the best experts, and even Bubble itself went through it to make sure all what we were saying was perfectly right.


You can download it for free here:
:link: The Bubble Security Cheat-Sheet 2023
:link: Secure your Bubble Application with Flusk Vault
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