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[New Security Plugin 🛡 ] nocode:nohack - Hack your own Bubble app (and fix it!) + Free Security ebook

Hey Bubblers ! Today we are really excited to introduce a Security Plugin to the Bubble Community :slight_smile: . For 3 years I’ve been bubbling for several apps and i learnt a lot about Bubble Security (thanks to tinkso ex-ideable and their tool apicheck). But today I saw a lot of vulnerabilities in the majority of Bubble apps! It’s so important for the no-code future to take security seriously and keep it confident.

That’s why we worked for several months with my co-founder Kevin on a Security Plugin to let you check your own app and see if there are any security breaches (Token/Secret/Bearer, webhooks, Users emails, Business Data and more…).

We check Data API, Plugin & API Connector, Option Sets content, Pages List, Database Default Value, Static Content (premium) and Privacy Rules (premium).

How it’s works:

1/ Enter the URL of your Bubble app on and authenticate it by adding the nocode:nohack plugin.

2/ Wait for the test end (less than 10min)

3/ Upgrade if you want to see more vulnerabilities (30 days money back)

4/ Review vulnerabilities (ignore all false-positive) and learn how to fix them

5/ If you need help, contact us by using our live chat :slight_smile:

After your sign up, you will receive our ebook “Guide to Secure your Bubble app

We are adding more and more features to our security engine to help you to secure your Bubble app better and better. Contact us if you have some ideas :slight_smile:

ps : yes, it’s a Bubble app too :innocent: !


Congrats @b.demontecler ! I am impressed by what you did about this important topic !

Such a great idea and well designed too :wink:



Well done Benoit! Great to see you’ve come so far!


Great Plugin !

Security is becoming more and more essential on Bubble and this application is a must have


Thank you very much for innovating in this way. Very useful.

This topic is going to become more and more essential in the coming months/years and we need solutions like yours to keep our data safe.

Thank you very much


Congratulations! Already signed up and thank you for the PDF. Will read carefully. Security rules is a TOP priority in every app. Specially for the Bubble ecosystem. Great contribution! Thank you!

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Great job !!

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Fantastic! Thank you, and congratulations!

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Great tool. I tried to create the same thing myself but gave up, so I know how much effort this took. Really well done.

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You nailed it ! The one and only plugin to secure your bubble apps, i definitly recommand it.

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The plugin allows anyone with no technical skills to quickly check their Bubble app’s security and give a surprising amount of insights, security issues and tips.
It is for sure a very high potential plugin for Bubble users as it has never been seen before.
I believe such a plugin should be used by every entrepreneur that runs a business on Bubble as well as by every Bubble agency and freelancer.


Hi all !
We are very happy to announce a major update to our security tool nocode:nohack! Thanks a lot to all your feedbacks ! We have worked a lot on them last 4 weeks :slight_smile:

New features :

New Pricing :
All the test features are now free except the Privacy Rules Check.

  • Free (Data API Test, Workflow API Test, Plugin & API Connector, Option Sets content, Private Pages List, Database Default Value, Static Content)

  • Paid, from 39€/month (Privacy Rules Check + Test Scheduling + Team Management for Agency).

Build safely !