New App Using Tinder Pile

Hi, everyone,

here’s the MVP app I’ve been building:


Please take a look and help me find errors, issues, etc. more eyes are better and mine are getting sore!

I’d like to thank everyone who replies to questions in the forum, especially those who post videos for the rest of us to use and learn from. Big shoutouts to @gaby, @keith, @leonidas.petrou4, for his excellent udemy course, @nikolai, Dan Smolkin and Matthew Neary, and all the rest of the more experienced members, for the hours you’ve spent in leading new users, like myself, to making functioning bubble apps.

All questions, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.


I think it would be good if you hit the “heart” and you aren’t signed up pops up a login screen and also gives you the opinion to register as well

?? That’s the Top Cats group for logged in members to view only. What, specifically should I be looking for there?