New application on Bubble


We are pleased to announce the new app built on Bubble.
A unique first of its kind web surfing application that facilitates quicker browsing of your collection of favourite websites .
You can view it on
The basic site and features are almost completed and is now ready for pilot release.
This works well on Windows & Linux. Not sure of Mac.

We invite you to explore this application and give us your valuable feedback on improvement and opportunity.


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Have to agree with @max79268. The design does need a lot of work. PM me if you want some help with it, Iā€™m always free. Nice concept though.

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Yep I have to agree with the general concensos - most notably:

I really like the name and concept, but the UI and user flow really needs looking at.

I recommend checking out sites like Dribble or Behance to get some inspiration and bring the knowledge forward before launching.

Thank you for your feedback. Will work on improving these.

Thank you for your feedback

Gave a make over for the home page design

Looks better, but still needs a bit of work. PM me and we could organise something.

Thank you.
Will get back.
How to PM?