[NEW] Better Cropper: a (FREE) plugin, designed for cropping images using the responsive engine (no external APIs!)

Hi All!
The Inspire Team ( @mundosanchez1 and @nicholasrbarrow ) is happy to announce our first public plugin: Better Cropper.

It does exactly what its name implies–by bringing a better cropper to Bubble. This free plugin allows you to crop images, zoom, etc., all while built on a plugin designed for the responsive engine. We’ve made this plugin free, following our commitment to bringing open-source code to the Bubble-sphere.

Run-Mode Demo: https://better-cropper.bubbleapps.io/version-test
Editor: Better Cropper | Bubble Editor
Plugin Page: https://bubble.io/plugin/better-cropper-free-1673992829338x287783099840069630 (or, search for “Better Cropper”)


Happy to bring this plugin to the marketplace! Please drop questions, bugs, or feature requests down below so @mundosanchez1 and I can make this plugin a free tool for everyone!

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Your link to the plugin page seems broken, @nicholasrbarrow.

Hi @keith :
For whatever reason, despite the plugin being public, Bubble won’t display the public link. I’ll reach out to them, but for the time being, searching for “Better Cropper” seems to bring the plugin up no problem.

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yeah it’s gone everywhere.

I tried this in a completely different Bubble account with a completely different app and got no problems:

I’ll reach out to Bubble as to why the public-facing store page isn’t working, but everything else, including adding from the app itself, does seem to be working. @troy.roberge can you try repeating what I did above?

Quick update @troy.roberge and @keith , the link for the plugin page is now working. Thanks for pointing that out!

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@inspire-labs Does this still work? I tried it out in my own editor, but only got an empty preview screen with the images uploaded to the bubble db. If i take the url used in the plugins preview, it works no problem. Even a stock image such as this one works, but the bubble uploaded ones do not. Am i making a mistake somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The issue seems to be related to the Multi File Uploader 2.0 - Dropzone. Files uploaded via the regular bubble image uploader work just as expected.

Hi - this plugin is great and thanks for making it free to use!

I get the following error when attempting to crop another image after the first:

The plugin Better Cropper (FREE!) / element Image Cropper threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘boundary’)
at T. (https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/croppie/2.6.5/croppie.min.js:1:24050)
at T.destroy (https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/croppie/2.6.5/croppie.min.js:1:24267) (please report this to the plugin author)

Just wanted to report it. Otherwise, works fine!