[New Breaking Change] Responsive Engine


We just pushed a fix to the responsive engine that we consider breaking. So far, when an element was set to be hidden below a certain width and the page was set to fixed width, the element could be hidden (and the option to unhide it wasn’t shown in the editor).

The release 2 fixed this. It’s a fairly minor thing to most apps, but you should check your apps aren’t displaying a new element after you update. Note that this may affect only apps whose pages are set to fixed width.



How do you fix this when it happens? It’s making items that are correctly invisible in the “Responsive” tab of the editor always visible in the actual page.

If the page is in fixed width mode (as it should here), uncheck the box, go to the responsive viewer, select the element, and remove the hiding rule.

Note to all that you will need to check your fixed width reusable elements as well, not just your ‘pages’.

I’m still not sure what the actual fix was for though.

I have an element hidden in responsive tab that now incorrectly shows after upgrade - does the upgrade mean that I just need to hide all elements that are inside a fixed width page or reusable element using the editor now and not use the responsive tab for those?


@emmanuel, is there still a way to collapse the width of elements that are within a fixed width group?