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[New bubble app] Validly | Humans are complex, research doesn't need to be

Hi Bubblers!

Writing to share my first Bubble app, Validly. Which the open beta was launched on Product Hunt last week.

User research isn’t keeping up with the pace of agile product delivery. Meet Validly; a toolkit for product teams to run continuous user interviews, validate ideas and know what to build next.

Using Validly, your product teams research tooling stack is boosted by:

  • interview guide templates (pre-made and owned)
  • automated booking management and scheduling
  • dedicated participant database and screeners
  • single-touch video conferencing & screen recordings
  • blazing fast transcription and recording clipping
  • video storage for effortless finding recall

As a non-technical founder, I decided to explore bubble as an alternative to the accelerator program pathway. Felt like an interesting avenue to get started and prove the idea, while still keeping the bootstrap door open.

Took me about 6 months build; 3 months learning bubble, database and APIs and workflows and 3 months in productive build effort, with a huge amount of support from the bubble community and existing documentation in the forum here.

We’re currently in an open beta, around 50 global teams have joined to test the product and early feedback is positive :tada:

Landing page + web app =
Video call conferencing =
Video storage / streaming =
Transcription =
Email =
Payments = Stripe (currently free in open beta)

It’s not perfect. If you spot any bugs, or if you are someone that could see value in the tool for your own business, then I’d love your constructive feedback to make the product better. Jump over and create an account.

If you are poking around out of interest but not going to use the product, it would be helpful if you could delete your account after you are done (account > settings > close account)

Thank you all :wave:

Support the project below:
:point_right: Linkedin
:point_right: Twitter
:point_right: ProductHunt


Looks cool :slight_smile: Good job!

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Looks good J!

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Very nice!

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