Clarify - A Bubble app to help you launch and manage your career

Hello Bubblers!

I wanted to share with you my first Bubble made app, Clarify, which I launched on Product Hunt last Thursday.

Clarify equips you with the necessary tools to help you launch and manage your career, from achievement journaling to evaluation preparation and individual development plans.

All in all it took me about 3 months of work and I went thru 4 design changes pre-launch. While many say to just build and launch, I’m glad I went thru the iterations in design because I wanted to make sure my first impression was a good one. So far the feedback has been great :tada:.

Anywho, after 4-5 weeks I’m glad to announce Clarify has over 120 users from 24 countries.

Would love to read your feedback and any constructive comments you may have.

Thanks to Bubble I went from zero code knowledge (although my Excel and VBA knowledge taught me “logic”) and an idea to a full fledged product.

Thanks to all of the forum posts posted over time, the amount of searches I’ve made and answers I’ve found are too much to count.

Looking forward to what the future holds for Clarify.

Landing page/Site =
Web app =
PDF = SelectPDF
Payments = Stripe
Analytics = Mixpanel
Email = SendGrid
Chat = Drift

I kindly ask that if you’re signing up to check it out, please make sure to delete your account once done. Thank you!


beautiful :white_check_mark:

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looks great, upvoted !

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Excellent design and a great idea!

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@jcalvarezjr - as a Bubbler and HR practitioner, your product strikes me as well done on both fronts.

Since there’s been a few lively discussions on this recently. I think this app is a great example of what to build within your Bubble app versus what to integrate (ie. Mixpanel and Drift). Additionally, differentiating your static site (landing page) from your Bubble application.

It looks like you were able to build quickly, efficiently and ultimately prove some initial traction that demonstrates you met a user need within a relatively short period of time. Kudos!

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Kudos :100:

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@jcalvarezjr - commendable !!

First impression is awesome, well-designed and professional looking website and app.

Would love to hear more about how you went about the design? Yourself? Outsourced? I am working on a home services app and find that design is a big challenge for me.

Also, what did this project end up costing you?

Best of luck, will gladly spread the word.

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@dan1 thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated! You’re right this is something I debated at length with myself, and decided it would be a better experience for my users if I had a true web app and everything else worked independent of it.

For example Landen plays to its strength which is landing pages and it allows me to make changes on the fly without impacting the experience of my Bubble web app users. On the flip side, Bubble’s core strength is web apps, and thus I can truly unlock the full power of what it does without regard for how it would affect my landing page or its performance be hindered by hosting of the landing site on Bubble.

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@jagdish_bajaj Thanks! Appreciate the feedback and kudos.

With regards to design, I designed it all myself, I went thru 4 iterations each time pushing my app towards its current look and feel.

First design was extremely whimsical, loud colors, very round edges, almost too playful which was NOT what I wanted to portray. Second design was a lower tone in colors, I toned down the rounded edges, changed my color scheme. By the third design I had narrowed down the seriousness that I wanted to portray, which meant (and still hope it means) trust. Fourth design, was really a rebranding, totally new name, logo, color scheme, and even menu transitions.

In terms of cost, as of right now my spend is $70 a month broken down as follows:

  • Landen = $15
  • Bubble = $16
  • SendGrind = $14.95
  • G Suite = $5
  • SelectPDF = $19

But I don’t mind footing this bill for the first year or so.

Hope this provides some insight into my process. Let me know if you need anything else.

Great work!

One little thing I spotted: I couldn’t scroll down on the first welcome screen (where it says ‘hello there’ etc) – the button looked like a line until I zoomed out using my browser.

Once on the dashboard, though, I could scroll down without a problem

Hope this helps!

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Beautiful work!

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Thank you for the insights…

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@paul9 thanks! I’ve gone ahead and fixed it!