New Bubble Store Template: Zoomio 1:1 Video Chat

:tada:Launch your own video chat software :tada:

For Sale: 1:1 Video Conferencing WebApp

Ready to go video conferencing app with modern UI ready to kickstart your own live video chat software like a Zoom 1:1 chat room or Google Meets.

Features include:

  • WebRTC video chat set up
  • Signup/Login Pages
  • Shareable link for your account to jump in a live 1:1 room (like Zoom’s personal Meeting Space)
  • Personal account management & billing system with Stripe
  • Send ICS calendar event to people with your meeting link
  • Aftercare support
  • Logo

Let me know if you’d like this - great for either making into a template and reselling or launching as your own Google Meets type software!

Template Price: $349

Get it on the template store now:

Calendar event request system built in with meeting link:



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