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Selling: 1:1 Video Conferencing WebApp Like Google Meets

:tada:Launch your own video chat software :tada:

For Sale: 1:1 Video Conferencing WebApp

Ready to go video conferencing app with modern UI ready to kickstart your own live video chat software like a Zoom 1:1 chat room or Google Meets.

Features include:

  • WebRTC video chat set up
  • Signup/Login Pages
  • Shareable link for your account to jump in a live 1:1 room (like Zoom’s personal Meeting Space)
  • Personal account management & billing system with Stripe
  • Send ICS calendar event to people with your meeting link
  • Aftercare support
  • Logo

Let me know if you’d like this - great for either making into a template and reselling or launching as your own Google Meets type software!

Asking Price: £1500 will take offers.

Calendar event request system built in with meeting link:



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Can you PM me with some screenshots and give me an idea of how much you are spending to maintain it?

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Hey Josh - no problem!

Does it record Video and Audio and where can the data be stored? Also do you have a demo?

Also which WebRCT service are you using?



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Hi @StevenM Steven,

Not out of the box, but it can likely be added with a couple JS calls.

Happy to give you a demo video shortly!

Tokbox/Vonage is the WebRTC service :slight_smile:

Still for sale? Can you share more information on the monthly cost? PM is totally fine:)

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Hi @edddy Sure!

I’ll share publicly:
So you are looking at around 19 cents for a 20 minute two way live video conversation so its very low cost. A good use case might be a coach and athlete having a weekly coaching call for 20 minutes, you charge them X amount per month that means each 20 minute call costs them $1 for example.

Obviously call time is unlimited but that’s just a use case example. The app makes use of the Tokbox video calling system so there is nothing for users to install making it really easy to jump in, users get a share link to send.

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Does it have screen sharing ?

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No the 1:1 Zoomio type template doesn’t, only 1:1 video chat. I’ve just submitted it to the template store so I’m guessing it’ll be available at any time.

What is the name of your video conferencing application and is the quality of video conferences at par with likes of Zoom, Webex, R-HUB HD video conferencing servers etc.?

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