New Bubble UI Kit & Design-Led Agency

Hey everyone!

Alan Podemski, the founder of the design community on Instagram, and I are partnering up on a new design-led no-code agency called

Our first product will actually be a UI Kit built for Bubble (and Webflow & Figma): Smaal UI Kit

We noticed a lack of Bubble UI Kit’s that provide real value, so this will launch in January.

For updates you can subscribe at :point_right:


Great news, and looks very good :+1:

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Looks great… what format is it delivered in? :slight_smile:

thanks Nigel!

Hey Paul!

It’ll be available as a Bubble, Webflow, or Figma template.

Unless you mean something else?


Looks great joe :heart_eyes:

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Thanks so much!

Hi Joe5,

Are your templates available yet?

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not yet unfortunately! Nucode v2.2 will launch next week though, and those components are all things we’ll include in our UI Kit :slight_smile:

you on our wait list?

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No, but I will get on the wait list. I like your guys images, looks great!

thanks that means a lot!

Stumbled across this thread earlier this week @joe5 and eagerly awaiting an ETA? There is certainly a demand for good quality kits to enable us not so savvy designers to build out our bubble apps faster.


hey there! ETA is likely more like end of Feb into March. Apologies on the wait!


Hey Joe, that’s fine mate. I guess good things come to those who wait.

@joe5 has this been launched?


Same thought


@armen.a.karapetyan We are of course launched as far as our agency work with clients, but still have another month or so before the Bubble UI kit is launched.

So sorry for the wait :bowing_man: if you’re signed up on the page though you’ll get a notification first when it comes out!


That’s awesome - I can’t wait for more designers to start translating UI kits into Bubble and this looks like a great starting point!

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Any updates?

Hey Kai! We’re working on all the components in the kit, but excited to share more soon!


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