New bubbler . . . how do I "copy" this Group Mesenger widget over to my app?

Awesome that Airdev made this widget!!
@vlad @stephanie

Per instructions,

  • I’ve mimicked the database structure for: “Messages” and “Threads”
  • Added “User” data type, add “Profile picture (image)”, “Handle (text)”, and “Last message sent (date)” data fields.

Now, how do I “copy” the reusable element “group-messenger-widget” to my app?

Is there an export/import function? Or do I need to manually “copy” it over?

Thanks! Aiming to be proficient at Bubble . . . hope the community can help. Thanks.

Solved. For other noobs that wondered “Where is the damn copy function?” . . .

  1. On the top menu, click on “Select Element”
  2. Select desired widget “group messenger widget”
  3. Click the ‘edit’ button on the right
  4. Click ‘copy’
  5. Go back to your own app and ‘paste’ or cmd + v


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