New changes in pricing & solutions by community

I wrote this under the main topic:, but also created this topic, so that feed and our thoughts would be more visible.

Let’s brake this case into some facts:

  1. Bubble wants to increase their price.
  2. Price increase is directly linked to DB limitations.
  3. Current proposed option by Bubble is to limit DB by DB records.

Worldwide situation:

  1. Yes, prices increases.
  2. Yes, everyone wants to year more.

So what are the solutions that would be convenient for all of us: Bubble as a company and us, as developers.

My proposal would be to limit DB not in amount of records, but look at a time frame:
Let’s say DB storage could be limited (for example):
Personal plan - up to 1.5 years
Professional - up to 2.5 years
Production - up to 3.5 years.


For Bubble:
In this way Bubble benefit that overall DB will be limited to certain amount and it can be linked to their historical data + current active plans.

For developers:
We, as developers, can accumulate or aggregate certain values every year automatically as mostly they are needed for certain observations, but are not necessary to store them infinitely.

What over solutions would you propose that both parties would benefit?

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