New comer and first question! 😊

Hey Bubble makers!

Christophe, from France. I’m very new to Bubble, and have a lot to learn, and I’m sure this forum is a very good place to do so.

I’m going to explore the most topics in this forum as possible, as I do need to get confirmation to be able to make a choice : using Bubble, or not.

My app will be a web app, both mobile and desktop. Optionaly loaded on the stores, but it’s really an option, and not in the roadmap yet.

Using web app, is deep linking available? I mean, can my users have direct access to a page url, even if this page is dynamic? (ex: current store of my app is a listing of stores)

Many thanks and can’t wait to start building my app with Bubble!

Hey :wave: welcome to the Bubble community!

I am not completely sure what you mean by deep linking.

Here are some example of what you can do. For example:

If you click on my website link here: this will take you to my website and actually show you a specific video that I want to share with you.

On my members only page I have a link that you click and it will send the user to the url, open the specific tab and display the video I want the person to see.

Is that what you mean?


Hope that helps! :blush:

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Hey @J805,

Many thanks for your feedback, it’s indeed what I was searching for!

My bubble app will host shop or restaurant owners, they will create their profile and litmst of food items (for takeaway). They will manage their stuff in the “back office” part of the app, and their shop or restaurant will be visible publicly and their clients will be able to order see their info and to order food items. So the need to be able to have a list of “restaurants”, each associated to a set of pages (info, menu, delivery) accessible by any app users, and these pages will be populated by their respective owners in their back office section.

So if my understanding is correct, I will be able to get “public link” to sub pages of the app (so, to each restaurant page).


Yes! You can totally do that. That is a great idea. If you already have restaurants lined up to sign up with your app then even better! Bubble is very capable of handling that sort of thing. That is the great thing about Bubble, it is very customizable. Can’t wait to see your product!

Jason, I don’t know you, but I already love you! :smile::smile:

Hope to be able to show you my progress soon! :rocket:

Many thanks again :+1:t2:

Haha :laughing:

Great! Looking forward to it! No problem! :+1:

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