User mini site with separate url

Would it be possible to create a user mini site where their url points to a specific page on bubble and then have some limited access?

I think so. You can map in your Domain register a page to a given URL. If this page has no links at all, there’s no way to get out from there, like a landing page.

Ooh… So we can build it like a single page with elements that appear and disappear… But it’s all one page…

BUT… We want lots of different ones for different users… Hmmm

Bubble can pull in the URL of the page it is on, so you can direct to a particular page from a URL, the change the page based upon that.

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Ooh… Interesting!

Hmm… trying to figure this out now… I have this page:

what I want to be able to do is show this page at a unique domain.

So… I suppose I set up Go Daddy to point the URL to the bubbleapp page, but then how do I “condition” the page to know which artist to use? Currently the data is populated through CurrentPage Artist’s ArtistName, via a link from the main bubble app.

If you use the same logics from other social networks, they use the main site first and then the user name to create a public profile page (examples:;
One option is when a user signs up, if Bubble has a create page workflow, you can do it automatically.


@csfalcao Interesting idea. But I can’t find create page workflow.

Also, I’m trying to set the onpageload workflow to “read” the URL:

From the Documentation:

Get ? parameter from page url
This source is a way to capture the value of a parameter in the URL of the current page. For instance, let’s say the current page’s URL is ‘You are being redirected...’, you’ll be able to set the source to get the ‘age’ parameter, and in run mode that will return 23. This is an advanced feature.

so do i set up the page in bubble to be: >> ??
or do i set up a page and set up a “bounce” page, which reads the url and sends data (the artist’s name) to this page.

I’ve tried both, but failed.

From what you were asking, it sounded like you would have multiple domain names …

These would both point at the same bubble page.

You could then use “This URL” to drive the data on the page bases upon the URL.

Although maybe I dont understand redirects well enough.

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I know an URL can have subdomain in a link, but I can`t think how to close this issue …yet.

It might work with subdomains ?

Both point to a single page … and you can pull the URL back ? Maybe !

Or not …

So I can point a subdomain at a bubble app on a different domain but it then complains there is no application set up.

You might be able to use this, but no promises. You’d also have to create domains for your users, which is also non-trivial.

So… options that work:

  1. A masked subdomain pointing to the long bubble URL
    Not great as it has google search issues. Also we need to manually set up the subdomain and pointing.

  2. URL forwarding from to the long Bubble URL
    Same issues as 1 if we mask. Otherwise we confuse users with a strange new URL

Another possibility:

Create a separate app which uses the same data set as the main site.
Is it possible to share data across apps?

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So is there a working solution for dynamically creating subdomains for app users? I have read in this forum that someone was using the Bubble API backend to automatically create subdomains at the domainprovider and then using this new subdomain (e.g. “”) in the Bubble app.

But this sounds hard to do and may be prone to error. Did anybody of you found a more simple solution? (like working with a local .htaccess)?

Thanks for your suggestions!