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NEW: CSV Exporter Advanced Plugin - Dynamic Columns

Export related Tables, and allow user to dynamically control columns

-No columns limit
-Workflow generated CSV
-Works in all browsers

This is a brand new CSV Exporter with a lot more features than our previous within this you can control your columns you add to your CSV and you can also use related data.

Key Features

  • Initialise CSV from Workflow
  • Source data from search or repeating groups
  • Load columns dynamically, especially powerful if using with option sets (See Demo)
  • Include connected data from other data types
  • Fast loading
  • For large data sets, marker for when updated

You can have complete control of what data you export and only show a certain data type it will also show relational data. If you are considering this please check out our demo here:

Plugin page:

For general queries or any support please contact [email protected]


Suggestion: there are more than twenty CSV Plugins on Bubble and the average price is from free to $10. Is the dilemma to attract many people in large numbers or to sell the product to 2 or 3 people? I think if the product is superior to others, the price should be between 20 and 30 indicating the benefits.
An introductory promotion is also a good indicator of what’s next.
Thank you.

Q: It works on the BackEnd Workflows?


Hello @JohnMark very good points, and we should be getting into the habit of listing the benefits, thank you for having the time to suggest this. Re your question, it is client side workflows. Though we are exploring backend workflows, as this is also an internal requirement for us.

We built this plugin internally for our project clients, allowing a more dynamic, less intensive generation on a CSV report. To put plainly, the main feature allows column generation via a workflow.

For example in our demo, we use a combination of option sets to define the column list, and processes with conditions in the workflow to define what the user wants outputted.

I have posted a simple overview video - going through this:

See Link to Demo / Editor:

We are constantly looking to improve, so are open to feedback to [email protected]


Great demo btw. :muscle:

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Hi @WGDPluginTeam

I just installed the plugin and I’m waiting for the Backend version
in a few weeks or months :sweat_smile:.

Small question for you. I see that there is a way to not do Download, but send the file directly to S3. I can’t find anything in the doc. I want to be able to download the file even with an iPhone. Currently, when I use the Download function, my iPhone only shows the file (like a pdf viewer) and I can’t get back into my application. If there is a way to retrieve the file and upload it to iCloud from the iPhone, that would be ideal. Otherwise, sending the file to S3 is acceptable.

Sections I need to understand:

Thank you for this feedback,

Note we have logged this item as a ticket / task to the current development queue.

We will be reviewing an alternative end process instead of download, like save to S3." - WGD R&D Team

We are estimating a two week turnaround, we will advise accordingly. Should you wish to enquiry further, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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How does it work when the data result from calculations in the RG, without being reflected in the database?

Does your plugin also export images?

Hey Julian,
CSV files don’t contain images so you could save and export the image links as when viewing the csv file you can open the image link.
Any more questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Hey Cleiton,
Could you clarify your question?
If you need help with the plugin could you reach out to [email protected]