New Plugin: XLSX / CSV Export


We have just released a new plugin for CSV / XLSX Export! It allows you to export any data and even supports export of images for XLSX. It can be triggered with simple workflow action.

Just search for the WB Export (CSV / XLSX) plugin and add it to your Bubble app.

Demo / Instructions:
Plugin page:–xlsx-1631818528605x812939911340228600

Please send any questions, issues, or suggestions to or reply to this thread!

Have a nice day!

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Looks good man. Any chance to try it out before getting it?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @ryanck ! Yes, there is a monthly option for the subscribtion, but there is no free option though. I hope the demo page give a good introduction in what to expect. Thanks or the interest and have a good day!

Hello @metricsense ! I am so happy to hear that! Have checked out your web site - good job, I need some translation though :slight_smile:
Regarding the milestones, here is the plan for further development:

  1. Custom scaling per image on export (dynamic width/height).
  2. Download from new tab (open a new tab checkbox parameter).
  3. To be determined.
    We plan to finalise the first 2 points this year.

Hello @mikhov.ivan ,

Thank you for this useful plugin ! I have a bug with it though, when using it in a back-end workflow. Apparently, the workflow returns an error when the data set exceeds a certain number of rows. And this number isn’t that much, not more than a thousand object.

Could you help me with the issue please ?

Hello, sorry for the late response. Apparently, this is a server-side plugin. Since it is running on Bubble, does not utilize external app API, it may hit some limitations. This is something to solve yet. But one thousand objects sounds rather less. Could you maybe give more detailed insight on your setup, so that we could reproduce the issue? Or should it be enough to have 1k+ rows repeating group with 1 text column? We have done some stress-tests which worked fine. How much data do you export approx?


Sorry, but it doesn`t work.

My file is empty

I export 94 iteams using external API. export , i think, worked correctly, but in debuger mode i see, that next step “download” is not. the file is empty :frowning:

Hello, nice to hear from you. Is the data for the file present on previous step, like on the example screenshot below? I’ve attached the “non-empty file” debug view just for a reference as well. File contents are from the previous step in the example.

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, I have the same settings, but still have a problem.

Maybe you can check and help me? Thank you

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Attached also my workflows

Hi, one question, would it be possible to “protect” some colums?

My idea : Protect a few colums so the user doesn’t mess with them, make an empty one where my user can input data… and then, import the data back into Bubble.

Nice plugin!

Hello @Future

this is not yet possible unfortunately, but still a very good idea indeed. Would require to have more control over the xlsx generation - we could think of it for the future update.

Thanks for your interest!

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Hey @mikhov.ivan

I was trying to use the demo exporting to XLSX but it takes so much time to get downloaded, more than 10 or 15 seconds and at the end, it downloads a .csv.

Is there any other source to see it working properly?

Thanks a lot and have a good day.


Great plugin. I just have a problem with xlsx exports. They show up as text (see screenshot). When I use the same workflow to generate a csv and then open with Excel there is no issue.

Thx for your response,

Rui Luis

One more issue. Because it takes a bit of time to process the Export functionality, i placed it in an API workflow and was going to generate an email to notify user when download is complete. However the “Download” element does not seem to appear in an API workflow. See screenshot.

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Great plugin and works well with me, i just don’t know how to use the row delimiter. I add a delimiter in the data field, and it successfully exported two rows, but in the future i will not know how much rows the repeating group will have so how to make the plugin automatically define the number of rows?

Hello @ruimluis7 ,

thanks for your interest to the plugin!

Regarding this issue, it is unf. a Bubble limitation and you are getting a timeout. And “Download” action can only be used on frontend.

Still the result of the “Export” step is a base64-encoded file. Thus, you may use it in the backend workflow and have the resulting file saved somewhere when the export is done (you can save e.g. full base64 text value or save it as a file and eventually have a link to it). For this approach, you may need to come up with some UI solution on the list of exports, which then can represent “in progress” and “completed” exports.

I know it’s been a while, sorry for that. But maybe it will help others with the same issue.

Best regards,

Hi @mikhov.ivan,

I’d like to use your plugin but I can’t try it before buying it and the demo isn’t very convincing. When I download the xlsx, I get a csv instead.

I don’t know if you could help me.


hey @ryanck
Did you get an answer to this question? same thing happen to me and @mikhov.ivan doesn’t seem to reply…