New data container released by Bubble

The new container is not showing:

No idea what I’m doing wrong. I cannot get Bubble’s new data table container to show up in the container section. I’ve updated each page to the new responsive engine but still can’t figure it out.

This is a paid plan as well.

Which data table container are you talking about? This one?

If so, you should install the plugin: Excel-like Handson Table by Bubble.

Yes, correct. If I create a new app to mess around, it automatically appears under containers; I just can’t get it to show on my app. I have the Excel-like table, but it’s not as flexible as the one they released. Is there an update or something that could potentially fix this?

I’ve just checked my old sandboxes (created before table element was introduced in July 2023). They all have different versions and what I can see is that table element is available in apps with bubble engine version 21 and higher.
So I guess you need to upgrade to get it. Or contact Bubble support to double check it.

@artemzheg Thank you, I got it.