[New Feature] Excel-like table


We’ve just added an Excel-like element! That will let you display list of things in a spreadsheet. Look for the plugin “Excel-like HandsonTable”.

It works very much like a repeating group. You pick a data type, then define the data source. The difference is that you need to select which columns you want to show/hide. And you’re all set.

At this stage, the table will only show “simple” fields (whose type isn’t another custom type), and the table is read-only. You can refer to the thing in the current row as the “Table’s current row’s thing”. You can then display it in a group, modify it, etc.

Edition (with automatic saving) will come later!


I’m curious what is the main use case you’ve built on this. May we know ?

ok. http://handsontable.com/examples.html, I get it. Nice for instance to quiclky setup an admin panel. All the sorting / filtering options are automatically enable. Pretty cool !

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Another well curated plugin added! It will expand Bubble a lot!
(please besides edition bring formula support and gantt chart :grinning:)

Man, it’s must be fun choosing all those nice apps out there while shaping Bubble improvements - of course that’s work, but have the opportunity to grow the platform must be very delightful.


It is!


Hi @emmanuel. This is a great feature!

Question: Is there a way to download the data that’s in the table? Or is this just for displaying?

I understand there’s the Download Data as CSV option, but I don’t want to include all the columns for a “thing”…


Right now this is just for displaying, we’ll add more things over time, but we’ll probably work on auto save first, before download options.


Is it possible to do a search on the table like with a RG?

Yes, the way you define the list is similar to a RG


This looks nice. I think if the followings can be done, that would be more great.

  • changing the order of columns to be displayed. - currently it seems we can only display columns with default order of columns ( maybe alphabetic order), but I would like to change this.

_ changing the style of the excel spreadsheet. _ white color does not match with the page which I am making and if the background color and line color canbe changed, that would be quite nice.


How do we change the order of the columns?


We don’t support this yet actually.

Do you think when is the prospected timing for updating this EXCEL function? (enable Input)

I am looking forward to implementing this, and if I could know the prospect, that would be nice.


It’s already live, if you check the checkbox ‘enable editing’


Oh, I did not know that. Will try. Thank you.

This is great and I will be using it often. The only addition I would like to see is to be able to set the default column widths – per column.

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Also, any way to allow the context menu? And sorting… And filtering



Sorting/filtering is a bit tricky as it touches db stuff, but we’d like to go there, eventually.


Please add pivot as well.

Hi @emmanuel, do you have any news regarding this plugin?

Now is it possible to:

  • Change the order of the columns?
  • Set the default column widths (per column)?
  • Add elements to database directly from the table?

(I have tried the plugin but not able to do this)

Thank you very much