[New Feature] Ability to define page folders in edit mode

Hi everyone,

As apps get large, they can start having a lot of pages. To make navigation in the editor easier, we’ve just added a way to define folders for pages. You can do this at the bottom of the Property Editor for pages and reusable elements.


Once you’ve created and used some folders, a dropdown will appear in the application page menu to let you filters pages based on the folder. Note this feature is edit-mode only, it has no impact on run mode.




Something I’ve been eagerly anticipating for months. Great work!


Yes! This is great :smile:

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Great work, Christmas has come early.

Yes!!! Good to have this.

Nice one - thanks!

Amazing :smiley:

You read my mind!!! Thank you so much. I was just thinking about that yesterday.

Love it!

so, so happy

If Bubble-possible, would there be any SEO benefit to putting this in the URL?


Well done Guys!

Thank you! Good idea

So excited about this! :blush: Thank you so much!

Certainly nice to have!

Would it preserve the folder when copying pages? I like the folders for workflows but when copying a workflow to a new page it never copies this structure resulting in a lot of errors. Its the main reason I don’t use these folders.

Great stuff

This is awesome ! Bubble just keeps getting better and better.

This is really helpful! Thank you!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

That kind of feature who save you time every day. Thanks a lot !