Quick heads up on workflow folders

I recently submitted a bug ticket regarding an issue where copying an element with workflows contained in a workflow folders causes an issue with the issue tracker in the editor.

It’s been confirmed by the Bubble team’s first line of defence, and has been passed on to the
engineers. But I thought I’d put up a quick heads up to potentially save someone a bit of headache in the meantime :slight_smile:

I tend to work on a new/replacement function in a “sandbox” page and then copy it over to
the actual page. I recently did this with a function containing lots of workflows, all neatly structured in workflow folders. Unfortunately when this is copied over, the folders do not come along and causes the issue tracker to go bananas. So if you’re woking in a similar fashion, it might be best to hold off on copying over/structuring in folders until this has been resolved :slight_smile:


Nice flag, this bug has been around for quite some time, will be nice to have this resolved for peace of mind when copying over.

Yeah, I figure this might be on their radar already but be a lower priority thing. But if people are aware before they start happily structuring stuff into folders, they might be able to avoid the headache. :slight_smile:

Let’s see what they say when they get back to me.

Heard back from the engineers, apparently this is “intended behaviour” haha. :joy:

I guess this falls under the “just another bug/broken part of bubble that is intended to be broken and users have to find a way to work around it”. sigh…

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