[New feature] Advanced options, including advanced timezone controls

Thanks for elaborating! Today there are technical limitations where the callers to the dynamically specified timezone elsewhere on the page may not update in realtime. I’d recommend submitting an idea to the Ideaboard, so we can track interest in this idea and justify the extent of investment required.



@grace.hong Somewhat confused by this language.

Does this override only affect the actions that take place in the triggered workflow, or is this a filter that causes changes in time zones other than the selected time zone to be ignored? The way it is written seems to imply the latter, but I don’t think that’s actually what it is doing.

Can you provide clarification?

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@grace.hong thank you thank you thank you for bringing this back. The biggest issue I find with Bubble dates is saving a date that I don’t care what the time is and the timezone messes things up (Ex. creating a calendar). Statically choosing 1 time zone for everything makes it so some calendar dates saved on the east cast don’t show as the next day for west coast users :raised_hands:

Interested to hear why this was removed as an experimental feature then suddenly added as a native feature.


@grace.hong Thanks for working with @zoe1 & @manasi on returning this advanced feature back.
If not complicated, could you add the dynamic time zone selection to the Page level?

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 10.27.17 AM

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@aj11 The time zone selection allows you to override the timezone for the actions in this event, and does not act as a filter.

@bubblealex Please find more details here: New features to override timezones - #60 by grace.hong

@trvry Unfortunately this requires a decent amount of technical work. See more context here: [New feature] Advanced options, including advanced timezone controls - #23 by grace.hong


Hi Grace,

I have an issue to report.
Following the upgrade to the version 22, i have an issue with the static timezone :
This backend Workflow is sending back a wrong hours : 2 hours earlier than paris time zone.

Can you please have a look ?



Hi there - can you please submit a bug report, so we can try reproducing and investigate? Support | Bubble

We are facing the same issue with dynamic time zone

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Hi Grace. Just FYI, the override feature for API workflows is completely broken at the moment and does not change the “Current Workflow’s Timezone” for any date operations in the workflow. I’m submitting a bug report.

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@grace.hong any update on the bug fix for the above mentioned dynamic time zone issues, and the override API featured mentioned?

A fix was pushed and it seems to be working for me, is it not for you?

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@grace.hong Is there any information on the format for dynamic time zones? I am using a dynamic timezone on elements in my app but it isn’t working. I can’t seem to find any info in the docs on what it is supposed to be.

For example I am setting ET as “Eastern Time Zone (ET)”
No idea if there is a specific rule for this and what it should be…

It should be formatted in any format for the choices displayed when you select Static choice!

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Makes sense. Didn’t even look at that haha. Thank you.

Hey @grace.hong I am trying to get the Bubble Calendar Plugin to show in the correct timezone, but don’t see any way to do so. Does the Bubble Calendar Plugin not support the new timezone controls?

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Hello @grace.hong I confirm that the Full Calendar plugin’s timezone does not get overriden in spite of the page timezone being set to a static value. Even tried to set the Calendar’s “date to display at first” value timezone specified, but that also of no avail.

@openocean.tampa @pavelapuxtin The feature currently isn’t compatible with Full Calendar, but you can submit a feature request: https://bubble.io/ideaboard


Thanks for upvoting the post @pavelapuxtin

For anyone else running into this issue here is the link to upvote the idea and get bubble’s dev team to prioritize it faster: https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1687298485580x481129879721476100

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@grace.hong can we get an operator for :converted to date? This will make things so much easier for us to get a simple workaround for what apparently is a more technically involved feature of allowing a dynamic selection at the page level.

This is because, since the expression composer when using a date object to start the expression followed by the operator of :format as allows us to manipulate the date with a dynamic timezone selection value, however, this :format as changes the date object to a text object, so if we could get a :converted to date operator we could then convert the text object back into a date object and have the full control over the timezone as we would want and be able to use that manipulated date as a date object as needed.

This is similar to how we can use :format as text on a number object which would convert the original number object into a text object, but we do have already a :converted to number operator, so we can then transform the text object back into a number object.

The request for a :convert to date operator should not be too technically involved as dates are just numbers anyway.

HERE is the link to the ideaboard idea that I submitted in April 2023 about this feature.