Bigger apps: Look at your date format!

Hi guys. I just got the second confirmation from support so as to not alarm others in vain, but this is huge for us and may be an issue for more apps down the road.

All our calls to a date field with the “formatted as” are making a Google API call. The issue seems to be that whenever we use “formatted as”, Bubble has a field that sets the standard to the user’s timezone, which uses Google. I feel kind of dumb to not realize that this had to come from somewhere but I believed it was a Bubble core feature.

*If you’re a Bubble employee, for the love of God, suggest at least a warning below this field!

They did mention this would not happen if we use our database to handle those time zone calls, but this is a very dark area for us. Timezone’s within Bubble has always caused me weeks of trouble. Enough that we gave up on features requiring it. I’ll try to follow up on our tests with in-house data for the timezone.

Here is our last 60 days: