[New Feature] API Connector version 2

Hi - see above reply to @gaurav that I just posted. I’ve put in a LOT of time into trying to figure this out, but I don’t think it’s possible without some help from Bubble.

I agree - the entire Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is full of amazing services, but without the ability to authenticate to it, they’re all out of reach.

I’ve offered to sponsor development of authentication support to GCP. That offers stands as I’ve got a lot of man-hours into development of an app that can’t work without it.

@emmanuel - please let me know if there’s any way to get this going. Looks like others are running into the same challenge, and I think access to GCP services would greatly enrich Bubble apps!

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@emmanuel I have an array of objects from API call, like this:
“data”: [
{“url”: “someurl1”, “id”: “someid1”, “name”: “somename1”},
{“url”: “someurl2”, “id”: “someid2”, “name”: “somename2”},
{“url”: “someurl3”, “id”: “someid3”, “name”: “somename3”} ]
But I can’t access them, “Modify call types” doesn’t see it’s an array.
How can I address them all?

Can you provide us with an example in an app and send it to support@bubble.is? This should work.

@emmanuel I’m on Hobby plan, is it allowable?

Here are screenshots of my settings and Connector output


API call


Instead of recognising output as an array of objects, it thinks it’s a list of… I even don’t understand of what type. :roll_eyes:

I am seeing a similar issue with it being recognized as a list but the workflow is not saving each list item by itself it is saving them all into one row.

@AnFlare the last screenshot shows that it is working, the data should be accessible in the response, something like data’s first item’s url.

@court this is an often asked question, with complicated workarounds instead of a simple answer, have a search for topics such as saving API result into multiple database rows.

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I was able to get it working :slight_smile:

@mishav I need to save this output (boards) to User field “Boards cache”. But when I try to do it, system says
“value should be List of Pinterest boards, but right now it is a List of User boards body datas”


User structure

Issue when saving

I don’t understand how can I save the output of unknown type to my User list of boards…

@AnFlare once you’ve initialized the API Connector, you can create a field in your database with the same type as the API Connector response, or one of its list items.

If you want to map the fields onto a different type, you need to do this specifically, as in set each field to a value you specify.

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Thank you!
But the problem is that all fields from API Connector returned values are concatenated into one string, i.e. I have
Board 1: name1; id1; url1
Board 2: name2; id2; url2
Board 3: name3; id3; url3
but it concatenates all this into one object like this
Board: “name1, name2, name3”; “id1, id2, id3”; “url1, url2, url3”

Usually this comes from taking a list and writing it to a single item, Bubble automatically joins the list for you.

How did you go with this? Can you show more detail of the steps you are doing?