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[New Feature] API Connector changes

We just pushed a change of structure to the API Connector. You now can have more than one call per API. You define the authentication method at the API level, and then all the calls will follow the same authentication method. This is more flexible and opens more opportunities going forward (and makes more sense as that’s how APIs work).

It doesn’t change much for your apps as you’ll see the calls are still separated, but you can start merging calls into one API (or not, entirely up to you).

What that also means is that if you’re currently working on the API Connector, you should refresh the editor to get the last version :slight_smile:


Love it. This will definitely clean up my API calls a ton!

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Yes this is great.

By the way, is it possible to add undo history to API changes?
I just tried to merge two calls by copy/pasting one of them, and ended up replacing the other one instead. With no way to undoing it :smirk:

It’s unfortunately not an easy fix, but we’all see what we can do.

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