[New Feature] Connecting 2 Bubble apps

We’ve added a feature that will be useful to power users that run more than one app. It lets you connect two apps through their APIs. What you’ll be able to do is to read data in an app from another app, using the GET API (and for instance displaying results in a repeating group), and use some API workflows in some actions. You can even use one app as an authentication provider and have your users login in one app with the credentials of another app.

To do this, just install the plugin ‘Bubble App Connector’. You’ll need to set up the API in the first app, and then enter the domain name in the second one in the plugins panel.

You can read more about it here. Introduction - Bubble Docs Let us know how it goes! We just released the feature so there might be some situations we don’t cover yet.


Amazing. Awesome awesome awesome.

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Would we get the same loading speed if data is coming from another app’s database ?

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Nice, I’ve been waiting for this!
Now we just need to be able to combine apps (be able to make the one a plugin of the other) :smirk:

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Not sure I understand what it means to combine apps. That’s precisely what the plugin is for.

Well there is an additional request, it’s like an API, and you lose the real time aspect. But overall it’s the same functionality.

Can you provide some examples of use cases for this. Just to spur some creative thinking.

It’s for an enterprise level app that we’re busy planning.
Say you’ve got 3 apps. App A, B & C. The client can subscribe to any one of the apps or a combination of A, B or C but the users must be able to login from one page and have access to the different subscriptions and not having to log in to different apps.

I’ll send you a mail to give you a better explanation. I can unfortunately not describe the app publicly.


We’ve got a similar thing with regards to teachers. There are several different standalone apps that they can subscribe to either individually or altogether. Linking the apps together lets us share information between 2 or 3 of them without needing to do hacky workarounds. Good stuff!

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Love it thanks, this open a new realm of possibilities.

Keep up the great work!


That’s amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

As a small warning for people that have started experimenting the plugin, we’re pushing in a few minutes a change in the way we return the result of a GET call, as we’ll show the number of remaining items, etc.


Is it possible to sync data/push data between two apps?

How do we send the data to the other app and create a duplicate Thing on that app?

You can do what you’ve enabled to do through the API workflows. So if you have an API Workflow in app B that creates a thing, app A can run this workflow and create this thing. And app A can read whatever type you’ve exposed in the settings tab of app B.

So when searching another database do I want to use the Return Data from API option?

If so, what are the key’s? Fields in the database?

Is there a built out example of this in a test app somewhere so that I can back track the logic?

When you search another database, this doesn’t go through an API workflow. A workflow is a workflow. Instead, you should expose the type you want to be able to search and you use the Get Data from API option in the app that you want to be able to access the data.

As this is a power user feature, we don’t have demos on this.

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How come I cannot reach the “Creator” of things in another database?

I have unlocked User on both apps too.

Well (as usual), if you don’t share links it’s extremely hard to help, but I guess you didn’t expose the user type in the other app.

@emmanuel, is there any possibility to know (in the app that is serving response, e.g. GET) about the fact of request?
Let’s say I want to calculate some data or query 3rd service/app or get geo position etc ONLY when request comes.


When accessing data in another app via the app connector in the console/inspect mode it crashes the browser every time.